Welcome to Journeyman Draughting + Design – Architectural Designers

About “us”: JD+D is a one man business – Charles D. F. Board


  • BA Hons 3-Dimensional Design
  • MA – Urban Design


  • 12 years in Architecture – Project Design Partnership – Architects – Epsom, Surrey.
  • 3 years in Tensile Fabric Structures – Fabric Architecture Ltd, Brockworth, Gloucestershire.
  • 8 years in Urban Design – Nicholas de Jong Associates, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.
  • 8 years as Self-Employed Draughtsman.

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JD+D operate mostly in Cheltenham and Gloucester although we will take jobs in the area bounded by Worchester to Bristol and from Hereford to Swindon, depending on the size of job.


During this period of Lock-down, Journeyman Draughting are carrying on as usual, most of my work is done from home anyway. I can still survey the exterior of a building and if the client can provide a measured sketch of the interior, or if you still have the estate agents rather crude plan of the interior and the room sizes, we can proceed.

Note; One probable effect of this extended lock-down is that some people find that they can work from home part of the time and save themselves the time and cost of commuting. This will cause a measurable downturn in the demand for office space and some offices to be converted to residential use.

All drawings and images shown are by Charles Board unless otherwise noted, some images were produced whilst working for Project Design Partnership, Fabric Architecture Ltd or Nicholas de Jong Associates. Please credit Journeyman Draughting if you copy any images. Click on any image to zoom in a new tab.

House section for Planning application, infill with basement, stairs section with sizes
Offices and flats on Leapale Lane with PDP
Tensile fabric structures, Urban Design, CAD drawing, planning permission
Porz Ave industrial with PDP
Urban Design, CAD drawing, planning permission
3D modelling-green oak frame, Cotswold, Cheltenham, planning, extension
3D CAD drawings, visualisation, photographs. boardwalk, timber, engineer
Urban Design, CAD drawing, planning permission
Paving, CAD drawing, extensions, planning permission, architectural designer
Texture drawing with people for scale, human scale, paving pattern, textures
Mapping, CAD drawing, trams, environmental assessment
City model aerial view
Reigate -office with PDP
Tensile fabric structures, Urban Design, CAD drawing, planning permission
Mixed use, 3d model, island site, Ireland, heritage uses.