Commercial Coverages

Journeyman Draughting are experienced at producing Commercial Coverages for industrial and office sites. These are useful for determining the “land value” of a site for sale, and can form the first stage of a Planning Application, for discussion with the planners. This experience combined with a MA in Urban Design means our layouts are both aesthetic and commercially realistic.

Parking layout, soft landscaping, for valuation, with circus alternate layout, development
Parking layout, lorry turning, soft landscaping, gas main easement

Some of the Industrial projects that I worked on at Project Design Partnership.

Porz Ave industrial with PDP
Industrial buildings, coverages, CAD drawing, architectural designer
Coverages, industrial buidings, CAD, planning, plans

Usually the shape of the site, the access point/points and the topography will dictate the layout but rectangular/square sites may yield several options. Different layouts, different numbers of units with a spread of sizes will affect the eventual site coverage. These two layouts differ by 0.1% in the overall coverage.

Parking layout, lorry turning, soft landscaping, 2 industrial units, valuation
Parking layout, lorry turning, soft landscaping, 3 industrial units layout for valuation

Example -Coverage

Epsom, Surrey

  • Backland site assembled from several small pieces
  • 2 points of access
  • Overlooked
  • Limited to west by large retaining wall.


  1. Location Plan
  2. Block layout options
  3. Final layout
  4. Option for southern half of site
Infill of backland commercial area-towncentre, planning, urban design, architecture, architect
layout options for commercial coverage, growth, organic, planning, urban design, architecture, architect
Planning layout-backland-commercial with parking standard
Residential coverage for part site, town houses and flats