Planning Drawings

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In most instances JD+D simply supply all the drawings needed for the planning application, in a package of PDF files that can be attached and automatically uploaded when you fill in the planning forms on-line.

JD+D have considerable experience in producing planning drawings for all kinds of planning applications using 2D or 3D drawings as appropriate.

Clients are sometimes uncertain about whether they will get planning permission. In my experience, (and without any sort or form of implied guarantee) local authorities will grant permission for any reasonable application that does not impinge severely on your neighbours.

H1, Planning drawings, floor plans, Journeyman draughting, architecture
H2, Planning drawings, elevations, Journeyman draughting, architecture
H3, Planning drawings, roof plans, Journeyman draughting, architecture

Location plans  are required for all planning applications. They are usually purchased in mapping data format and cost between £25-50. The mapping data can also be used to help generate Site Layouts, and the Block Plans that are needed to show the proximity of new “development” to existing buildings. Click on examples below to enlarge.

loc 1 Planning drawings, Journeyman draughting, architecture
layout 1 Planning drawings, Journeyman draughting, architecture
Block plans Planning drawings, Journeyman draughting, architecture

3D Models can be used during the design process to test concepts of 3D massing, to communicate ideas to the planners and neighbours, and check for overshadowing. (see “Shadow Studies” on the 3D Modelling page)

3d sketches

Conversion of Redundant Agricultural Buildings

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Permitted Development

“Permitted development” is building work that does not require planning permission. What is permitted is very complicated, your best bet is to take some sketches and a location plan along to your local planning department, most planning departments have a Duty Planning Officer who should be able to tell you if you need planning permission or not. Start by visiting the government\’s Planning Portal.  If you don\’t need Planning Permission you may still, when re-selling your property,  want a “Certificate of Lawful Development” to show that work has not been carried out in contravention of planning regulations. (A set of drawings outlining the works is required when applying for a certificate).

Planning drawings typically required

 DrawingFunctionTypical Scale
1.Location PlanTo identify the site location1:1250
2.Block plans; existing + proposedTo show location of new-build in relation to existing/adjacent buildings1:500
3.Site LayoutShowing all elements on site including amended boundary treatments and vegetation1:200
4.Floor + roof plans; existing + proposed 1:100/50
5.Building Elevations; existing + proposed 1:100/50
6.Cross Sections; existing + proposedTo show changes to floor and ground levels1:100/50

Note: For small extensions, only a partial building plan adjacent to the proposed extension is required, and only the elevations affected by the proposed building work.


The prices shown are subject to the complexity of the individual job.

Planning Drawings
 Type Included Not included


Single Storey ExtensionBlock plans, partial adjacent existing floor plans, relevant elevations, site survey/measurement of room layout.OS mapping for Location Plan


House Plan-new house plans from scratchBlock plans, full floor plans, all elevations, site survey/measurement of room layoutOS mapping for Location Plan


3d Model from CAD Drawings 1. Simple model for e.g.shadow studies.             2. Detailed model with textures, etc.Animations

1. £300  

2. £600  

Additional work at hourly rate.Tracing previous drawings 


Building Regulations Drawings- Single storey extension

1. Extension 

2. New house

Roof truss and other engineer’s structural calculations

1. £600  

2. £900  


Local Authority Planning Fees

New House – £385 per house (for a development of 50 houses or fewer).

Extension, improvement or other alteration of existing house – £172.

For full information go to…

Locate your Planning Authority

If you are unsure of your relevant Planning Authority, use this link to the Goverment planning portal search engine…

Local Planning Authorities – Links/Contact Details

Cheltenham Borough Council: Cheltenham Borough Council Development plan in .pdf Email: Office: (01242) 262626   Gloucester City Council: Gloucester City Council Development Control Home Page Building Control Home Page Regional Govt/County Planning Home Page Email: Office: (01452) 396776   Tewkesbury Borough Council: Tewkesbury Borough Council Email: Office: (01684) 272151/272152