Terms & Conditions


1. Journeyman Draughting + Design (JD+D) will produce drawings required for the planning permission application or other purpose specified at commissioning, for planning this will typically include: location plan, block plan, site plans, floor plans and elevations. 3D models, photomontages and other drawings required (e.g. for a Design and Access Statement) on more complex projects will not be provided unless specified at commissioning.

2. The client will notify JD+D of all relevant information at commissioning, to include but not limited to: previous planning applications, issues involving wildlife on the site, ownership of and access to land. Failure by the client to notify JD+D of any relevant information will in no way make JD+D responsible for any costs or liability arising. The client is encouraged to produce a sketch/written brief to order their priorities and avoid redundant work/cost.

3. JD+D will submit either an hourly rate or a fixed fee as agreed. On projects costed at an hourly rate, JD+D will provide a breakdown of total time charged, on request. On projects with a fixed fee, where the client requires an unreasonable number of changes, JD+D reserve the right to charge for these on an hourly basis. JD+D will notify the client of the hourly rate before making the changes. JD+D will submit an invoice when the drawing work is completed or the planning application is made, requesting the invoice be paid within 28 days.

4. The client will be responsible for the cost of copies for the planning application. JD+D can print A4/A3* or will arrange copying/printing at cost. The client will be responsible for the cost of any required topographic surveys, or location plans in paper or data format. JD+D will charge for tracing of previous drawings on an hourly basis.

5. JD+D will transmit the finished drawings to the client in PDF Format by e-mail or on CD. Once any outstanding invoices have been cleared, JD+D will make drawings available to the client in data format (.dwg/.dxf/.skp/.psd/.jpg) for further development work at no charge. JD+D will not be responsible for what client does with data format drawings and can only guarantee their accuracy within reasonable limits. JD+D reserve the right to charge for construction drawings/building details in data format.

6. JD+D reserve the right to use any drawings/images produced by them for marketing or other purposes, in electronic or in printed form, unless agreed otherwise at commissioning. Copyright of drawings or images produced will be held jointly by JD+D and the client.


Black and White  Colour 
A4£0.15 A4£0.56
A3£0.32 A3£1.55

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